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Created for GMTK-Jam, Dungeon Without Crawling is a dungeon crawler in which you cannot move, atleast not by walking.

You are a baby playing with your favourite cuddly bear when all of a sudden a demon rises up from the ground, ravaging the land and possessing all the teddy bears. Fight against the possessed bears to reclaim your favourite toy!

Make use of the 4 weapons assigned to the WASD keys in order to both traverse the land and take out attacking teddies whilst making sure not to fall into the lava!

Grappling Bow [A]: Shoot at a teddy to kill and pull yourself towards him

Ball Gun [S]: Gives a big push in the opposite direction, the ball may hit multiple enemies

Soaker [D]: Quickly kills nearby enemies, doesn't provide much movement but can stop you from moving too quickly

Hopper [W]: May only be used when moving fast enough (combos well with the ball gun and grappling bow). Maintains movement speed and kills any teddys underneath, high risk, high reward.

Getting hit by a teddy or falling in the lava will reset the level which once complete allows you to take on the boss.

Hit ESCAPE to quit at anytime.

Install instructions

Simply run DungeonWithoutCrawling.exe to play!


DungeonWithoutCrawling.zip 18 MB

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